We are most grateful to artist Elizabeth Nelson for providing this beautiful painting to be featured on the cover of our 2020 program book. We will not be creating that document this season but hope you will enjoy viewing the image here. To read a note from the artist and access a link to see other original pieces, click here.

Welcome to the 2020 Season

six evenings of carefully curated music

At the beginning of March the 2020 Summer Program was finalized, and then everything changed. A novel virus swept into our world, our country, our states, our towns, and has forced all of us to pull in and shelter ourselves and our families in place.  This disease is unpredictable.  It is extremely virulent.  It is deadly.  We have an army of health professionals heroically battling to save lives and help prevent more infections.  Neighbors are doing what they can to assist those struggling.  Our elected leaders are struggling to provide economic support for those whose livelihoods have disappeared. All is made more difficult because of the need to maintain physical distance from each other with no clear end to this siege in sight.

To this end, we have made the very difficult decision to not proceed with our usual summer series as planned.  To do so would put our organization in a perilous financial position we are not confident we could emerge from and put the lives of all of you, our beloved patrons, at risk.  Given the trajectory of the pandemic, we can’t know if gathering in a concert hall will be allowed in July and August.  We can’t know if our musicians will be able to travel here to make music.  We can’t know so many things…..

We CAN prepare and plan and do what IS possible!   

What we do have is a series of six evenings of music carefully curated for you.  We cannot play these programs live this summer, but we are providing you with those programs and the accompanying program notes here (coming soon).  We are also providing links to existing YouTube performances played by other artists to complete your virtual experience.