A Note from the Music Director

This summer we continue our annual six-week long immersion into music composed for the intimate chamber music experience.  We offer a mix of well-worn masterworks and some new discoveries.  In the course of the summer we present an evening concentrated in a single composer, an evening of spanning three centuries of music inspired by nature, concert music inspired by diverse traditions of American life, and a celebration of the musical life of Mary Anthony Cox.

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This winter we lost CCP founding member and Music Director Emeritus Mary Anthony to the gradual and steady losses of Alzheimer’s disease.  As the condition began to make her work planning our summer series more difficult I partnered with her before fully taking the reins in 2016.

There is no question that she knew how to put together a great concert program.  All of our long-time players know and admire her taste and that knowledge hovers in the back of our minds when thinking about what music we would each like to bring to our audience here.   There are certain practices she instituted and we continue to observe.  These include the “seven year rule” which keeps us from repeating a work on the series too often and the “sandwich” practice of nestling more challenging contemporary works between proven masters.

Read Jim Lowe’s beautiful tribute to her from the Rutland Herald

A number of patrons have asked if we will be dedicating this season to her memory.  I have also been asked if the program book cover might be a photo of her.  The answer is no because we don’t think she’d particularly approve.

At the last annual meeting of the organization she was able to attend, we were discussing how best to celebrate the 50th anniversary season.  A number of ideas were floated (commemorative mugs, T-shirts, a gala concert etc.).  As more and more interesting notions flowed around the table her voice quietly cut through the discussion and what she had to say was, “Every time we make a big todo about an anniversary celebration, we lose money.”  There you have it!  The message:  Don’t waste resources and keep focused on our mission;  delivering a wonderful summer concert series.

With that in mind we are proceeding in 2019 absolutely focused on what it is we do.   That said, our sixth program this summer is a tribute to her pedagogical and musical lineage and is offered not as a memorial but a celebration of her, the mentors that helped form her, and the music she most loved to play.  We honor her with minimal fuss doing what she devoted herself to doing; sharing a passion for classical chamber music and putting together a fascinating mixture of pieces.

We all look forward to spending time with you and this music this summer.

– Fran