A Note from the Music Director

After 53 seasons of continuous music making, the Craftsbury Chamber Players will not be presenting our regular live concert series this summer. For me personally, this is utterly disorienting, as the Craftsbury Chamber Players have been a major piece of my life since childhood. Yet it is a simple fact that right now we all need to protect ourselves and one another by following recommended social distancing protocols. Currently we cannot predict when it will be safe to come together once again to share live music with you.

The work of programming the 2020 summer concerts was already done before it became clear that we would not be able to play them for you live in Hardwick and Burlington. But our planning and preparation were not for nothing. We are posting the complete concert series here and extending an invitation for you to experience these works as we had intended for them to be heard, albeit virtually. This is actually what I do as the final step when considering a program. I always have an idea of what the flow of the evening will feel like. When I listen to recordings of the complete group in order, my notion is either confirmed, or I may find myself completely surprised by my reaction. Sometimes it becomes clear that I need to rethink the grouping of pieces. And often some interesting new thread will emerge that becomes the focus of my program note musings.

You can expect complete program notes by early June. I do hope you will enjoy listening to our 2020 series at your leisure wherever you are and that the notes will enhance your musical experience. I also hope that the Craftsbury Chamber Players will be able to bring you some live offerings in some format this summer. We will keep working to make that happen. [Keep your eyes open for updates.]

Thank you so much for your support during these very troubling times. We promise to be here for you when the ability to gather and share in person is restored.

Please take great care and be well.