Our Mission

fiftiethFor 52 years, Craftsbury Chamber Players have been performing continuously in northern Vermont. Our 2015 season began with the music of Vivaldi and ended with the music of Tchaikovsky. Over the six week season we presented many masterworks and some wonderful surprises. Our exciting performances and varied programming have been hallmarks of our long history. We are now developing the framework for the future to continue this vision and service.

The Craftsbury Chamber Player is a partnership of musicians and community dedicated to making live chamber music an enduring part of our culture. Our distinct role is described by Music Director Fran Rowell in three words: heritage, tradition and connections.

We are OF northern Vermont and deeply rooted in the traditions of this place. Our weekly concerts are much like the kitchen junkets which draw neighbors together to enjoy music and each other’s company. Each program is an opportunity to be immersed in a wealth of music shared by talented musicians who are part of our extended family. Our audiences find a special joy in watching and hearing artists whom we call friend and neighbors.

We look forward to sharing a marvelous season of great music with you in 2018. See our full summer program offerings by clicking here.

Help us in our Mission:

We want to be accessible to all; we want to be integrated into our local communities; we want to operate at a very personal sale. This means we need to be ceaselessly searching for creative ways to meet rising costs, to incorporate new technologies, and to reach new audiences.

Your support has been crucial in our first fifty years. The CCP lives because of you. As we look ahead, we are asking for your tangible support, for your ideas and reactions, and for your presence. Share with us your favorite works, wish lists, or memories of past programs. Tell a friend, bring a guest. Let us know if there are people you know we should add to our mailing lists.

And, as always, any and all financial support is gratefully received. All gifts are eligible for tax deductions, of course, and all are dedicated to supporting our players and the music they create. Use this link to access our donation page.