A Note from the Music Director

My apologies to those of you who have been waiting to see what the Craftsbury Chamber Players are bringing to the concert stage this summer. We are very late finalizing our programming after experiencing some staggering losses at the close of 2017 and very beginning of the new year.

The first was the death of Mary’s and my father, Morris Rowell. on December 28th. In actuality he was a bonus father to many of the CCP musicians who, for over 40 summers, took over every bedroom in his house, filled it with a glorious cacophony of practicing and rehearsing, were treated daily to his legendary roasts and pies (he did most of the cooking), and could bask in the glow of his delighted reaction to the concerts.

On January 5th, 2018 we lost Iris Lash who for many years had been a strong part of the CCP committee that organized and facilitated the Burlington area performances in our series. Her energy and committed efforts will be greatly missed.

And on January 29th we lost Benson Scotch, a passionate lover of great music, who started attending CCP concerts when he and his wife Barbara moved to Vermont in the early 70s. From 1975-2016 he gave his time and legal expertise to governing and growing the organization as a member of the board of directors, serving as its president from 1977-1988.

We offer up this season grateful for the generosity of all who have given so much in the past 52 years and to those who continue to support our mission to keep chamber music resonating in the northern Vermont landscape.

We can’t wait for summer!

-Fran Rowell