Looking Forward to the 2017 Season

In 1966, four musicians were invited to come to northern Vermont to perform chamber music in the Caspian Lake area for a community of passionate music lovers. Suitable space was found in the dining hall of the Sterling School on Craftsbury Common. Weekly concerts began and the Craftsbury Chamber Players were born. In 1982, a group of committed music lovers from the Burlington area established a second venue for our summer concerts. The ensemble has performed continuously in both areas ever since. Our programs have always been deeply rooted in the masters but also feature lesser known and living composers. For our 50th anniversary season we created programs which featured a wide range of music organized around central ideas, not necessarily musical, which tied the evenings’ offerings together. We all (audience and musicians) really enjoyed this. We will be continuing this approach in our 2017 season.

It is hard to explain why performing with the Craftsbury Chamber Players is so special for the artists who make music here. I have given up trying to quantify it. If pushed for a succinct description the first thing that springs to mind is GLEE. Having the opportunity to perform works that fascinate you, that you have always wanted to play, and to play them for an audience that trusts you to both satisfy and challenge them is a performer’s dream. We get to live that dream for 6 weeks every summer! We were already talking among ourselves about what we would like to play next year even before the last notes of 2016 had stopped echoing.

In 2017 we build on some of the ideas from 2016 and get to program some of the music we couldn’t fit in. This season we are offering a May pre-season concert in partnership with author M.T. Anderson entitled Tyranny and Hope: Russia’s Lost Voices of the Future. In addition to the concert itself area libraries will be hosting book studies and an author’s reading of Anderson’s book Symphony for the City of the Dead: Dmitri Shostakovich and the Siege of Leningrad. [click here for full details of all events]

The main Summer Series will include a program of music by mostly live artists(2 out of 3 composer/performers on stage), an evening of Schubert’s music (both intimate and epic), and a powerful French Romantic program. [click here to see all our summer programs]

Once again I offer my sincerest thanks to all of you for being part of our CCP family and look forward to seeing you this summer.

Fran Rowell